Pra Nang Kwak Tip Sombat - Nuea Pong Ya Wasana Pa Ruay - Three silver Tagrud - Luang Phu Noi - Wat Bor Luang

Mae Nang Kwak is a Deva of Lap Yot, and Metta Mahaniyom, which brings Wealth, Success and Popularity. This edition is in Nuea Pong Ya Wasana Pa Ruay (rare powder made from Ya Wasana Jinda Manee which has miracle properties of attraction, Metta, and healing).

She is the Deity that is seen in almost every single shop front in Thailand, and derives from a 2000 Year old Brahman tradition.

Luang Phu Noi made these 'Nang Kwak Tip Sombat' (Nang Kwak with Divine Possessions) according to the ancient Dtamra (ancient traditional formula).

The Muan Sarn Maha Mongkol sacred powder mixture was extremely complex and rich in sacred ingredients;
108 kinds of sacred earths, earth from 7 salt licks and 7 ports - Mai Ga Fak powder (strong Sanaeh power) Mai Marum powder, Chaiyapreuks powder, Dork Rak powder. Then the Mae nang Kwak amulets were empowered with the four elements using Kata 'Na Ma Pa Ta', and then invoking the Nank Kwak Deva to inhabit each and every amulet with her mind.

This is done through the use of the 'Kata Agaarn Sarm Sip Sorng (Kata for the 32 components of the Human body). The Deva then is embodied by the image in the amulet through this invocation method. The meditational Kasina practice, and the chanting of the spell repeatedly, until the amulets appear to be waving all by themself as the final empowerment for the Nang Kwak amulets.

Luang Phu Noi made these amulets to help folk through these bad times of low economy, and increase peoples sales income.

To make Bucha to Nang Kwak, remove the amulet (if wearing) and stare at it one-pointedly - chant the Kata Nang Kwak, and as it finishes, make your request clearly to Nang Kwak, as for luck and wealth, and whatever else you may need within reason.

Luang Phu Noi tells all his devotees that "The benefits of making Bucha to Nang Kwak depends very much on you yourself too - Once you have a Nang Kwak, you can not just sit on your backside and not work, and expect results to come. You yourself must also work diligently and dedicatedly and make as much effort as is needed to fullfill the daily agenda. Unless we are diligent and not lazy, even Nang Kwak will not be able to help us".

Only 399 amulets made in this line of Nang Kwak Nuea Pong Ya Wasana Pa Ruay amulets.
Size: high 4.33 Cm wide 3.13 Cm

Kata Nang Gwak

  • Om Sriwichay Gangwian

  • Phu Jao Khao Khiaw Mii Luuk Kon Diaw Cheu Naang Gwak

  • Chaay Hen Chaay Rak Hying Hen Hying Tak

  • Tak Tuan Naa Puak Paanichaa Paa Guu Bpai Kaa Terng Mueang Maen

  • Guu Ja Bpai Kaa Hua Whaen Gor Dai Wan La Saen Tanaan

  • Guu Ja Kaa Saarapadgarn Gor Dai Doey Klong

  • Guu Ja Kaa Tong Mua Rai, Gor Dai Dtem Haab Piang Wan Nii Bpen Rooy

  • Saam Haab Ma Ruean Saam Duean Bpen Saedtii Saam Bpii Bpen Por Kaa Sampao

  • Pra Rasii Puu Bpen Jao Bprasit Hai Gae Luuk Kon Diaw Swaaha.

Use this Kata when you are going to sell things, or in your place of business in the morning.
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Kata Bucha Wadthumongkol (Kata for all Amulets)
Puttang Prasittimae Tammang Prasittimae Sangkang Prasittimae Na Mo Puttaaya Ma A U
(Before chanting to amulets, always chant Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times first).

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