Jumbo Locket 'Duang Sethee Run Raek' (First edition) Luang Por Daeng - Wat Huay Chalong

Jumbo sized Locket Luang Phu Daeng "Run Korb Siarn Jao Ngo Riak Sap Rap Ngern (first edition)"

Luang Phu Daeng is featured in sepia tones on the Frnt Face of this super Jumbo sized locket. The rear face has a piece of Luang Por Daengs Civara monks robes, Luang Por Daengs hair, sacred powders, three silver tagrud and a Paya Gai Gaew amulet inserted.

Piti Puttapisek (empowerment ceremony)

LP Daeng empowered the amulets using the Dtraimas method (three month nightly empowerment) at Wat Huay Chalong. He took the ritual of Serp Chadtaa from Luang Phu Ka Long (Famous master of Wat Khao Laem).
  1. 9th March 2552 BE - Puttapisek empowerment and chanting at Wat Huay Chalong to be blessed along with the last edition of amulets ever from Luang Phu Kalong. Both editions of amulets recieved the same empowerment blessing.
  2. 9th day of the ninth lunar month of 2552 BE - Grand Puttapisek empowerment ceremony at Wat Sutat along with the Pra Kring Chana Pay Paya Gai Tuean amulets, which were blessed on the same occasion.
  3. 3rd October 2552 BE at Wat Sutat, Bangkok, with Luang Phu Daeng presiding over the ceremony.
The rear face is filled with Pong Paya Gai Gaew (Crystal Cockerel powder) with a Gai Gaew coin, Civara robe from LP Daeng and some of his hair.
Size; 5.7 Cm high x 4.3 Cm wide
999 lockets made in this extremely beautiful and sacred limited edition amulet from Luang Phu Daeng.

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