Palad Khik See Nang Lorm (four ladies wound around a phallus) - Nuea Tong Daeng - Luang Dta Chuan - Wat Khwang (Supannburi)

The Palad Khik is a male or female energy empowered phallic symbol with inhabitant Deity that is derived from the Hindu 'Shivalingam' (known as 'Siwaling' in Thai). This potent love and Metta charm is a Shiva Lingam phallus with four maidens wrapped around it. All four directions are covered, attracting Metta and the interest of the opposite sex. Gamblers may also find this a useful totem.

Luang Dta was a nephew of Luang Por Muy, A Looksit of Luang Por Jong (Wat Na Tang Nork) and a friend of Luang Por Kasem (Wat Muang), who was an ex 'Lige' (Thai Vaudeville artist), and once a 'Suea' (old name for OUtlaws) of the same Era as the famous Outlaws 'Suea Yant' and 'Suea Khaw'. His Uncle LP Muy took him to learn wicha with Luang Por Ee and Luang Por Noi (Wat Tamma Sala). He was known for his great non-attachment - seen by the fact that he would sleep in a pile of old leaves in the middle of the funeral pyre area in the temple.

Luang Dta learned many Wicha with Great Master Luang Por Jong of Wat Na Tang Nork, but it is not clear where he developed the Wicha of Palad See Nang Lorm, which is a very elusive and rare Wicha.