Pra Narai Song Krut (Chut Pised) - Nuea Pong Dam Bad Tong - Luang Pu Nong Tammachodto - Wat Wang Sri Tong

Vishnu (Pra Narai), Garuda (Paya Krut) and two Nagas (Paya Naak) are emblazoned on the front face of the amulet. Sacred Yant and Khom Agkhara spells are written all over the surface. This sacred Narai amulet is sprayed with gold powder. Empowered with the mind of the Deity by Luang Phu Nong, Master of 'Kasin Fai' magic.

The rear face features the Deity 'Pra Ram' (Rama), who is an emanation of the Vishnu Avatar. Two silver Tagrud are inserted. Pra ram is shooting an arrow from his Magical Bow.

Magical Qualities; Maha Amnaj (Commanding Power), Gan Aathan (prevent Black Magic), Gan Phuut Phii Bpisaat (keep evil ghosts, demons and phantoms away), Metta Mahaniyom (preferential and compassionate treatment from others), Klaew Klaad (Evasion of Dangers), Kong Grapan (Invincibility), Choke Lap (Good Luck and Fortune, Riches).

3.2 x 4.5 cm size - Comes without case.

Pra Narai Song Krut is good for people in Administrative of Commanding positions, or those who are in office, or in the military, Navy, Airforce (especially), Police, or even those in Special Ops. Pra Narai is the punisher of Evil and Protector of the Human Race and the World.Empowered during three months nightly empowerment from Luang Phu Nong and then given a final Puttapisek Ceremony for the 'Run Dtraimas' line of amulets from LP Nong Tammachodto.

Suitable for Ladies, due to its medium size and light in weight. In addition the detail on this amulet is delicate enough for a woman to wear. A man can also quite easily wear this amulet, for it is neither too large nor too small for either Gender to wear.

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66840577350(Thailand).
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