Pha Yant Choo Chok Money Bag for wealth accumulation - Luang Phu Daeng (Duang Setherr)

"Thung Ngern Choo Chok Som Prathanaa Ruay Sap Rap Choke" - Chalong Aayu 82 Pi Luang Phu Daeng Duang Sethee (Wat Huay Chalong, Uttaradit).

Meaning of the title of this amulet is;
Thung Ngern (money bag) Choo Chok Som Prathanaa (Choo Chok beggar gettiing all his wishes) Ruay Sap Ruay Choke (wealthy in belongings and wealthy in Luck).

Choo Chok was a beggar who met Prince Vessantara (the previous incarnation of the Sakyamuni Buddha) and looked after his children for him. Choo chok transformed his luck from that of a beggar and became an immensely rich person.

To recieve the luck and fortunes from Choo Chok, you must chant the following Kata daily when putting on the amulet as well as whenever you can during the day and night whilst wearing it

They Cha Su Ne Ma Poo Ja Naa Wi Way Na Mo Choo Cha Go Bee Dti I

Luang Por Daeng used the Wicha Mer Dak Ngern Mer Dak Tong (hand catching silver and gold Sorcery), so that the owner of the bag will be able to catch work that brings great profits and riches, gold and silver and other treasures. He also invoked the Wicha Perd Grahmom Suam Mongkut Prajao Kad Mongkol Sam Say, and invoked the spell for 'Chup Rasi Chadta Cheewit' (revive the auspicious astrological signs of the Horoscope), and applied the Wicha Prakhan Chai Sri, to increase power and Merit, and Banish all evils and dangers, and ward off enemies with ill wishing thoughts. Fine Artistry has been applied to the design of the Yant, which has great delicacy in its composition and harmoniuous structure of the Khom Agkhara sacred lettering used in the magical inscriptions of the spell around the image of the Choo Chok Deity. This Bucha item is a perfect mix of authentic magical Wicha applied to fine Thai Buddhist artistry, resulting in a most beautiful piece of Thai Buddhist Magical Art, as well as a most powerful piece of spiritual weaponry to conquer poverty and become a wealthy and happy person.

This one has the limited edition code number 002219

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